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Deere And The New Age Of Agriculture


One of my favorite investors (other than Warren Buffett) is Jim Rogers. He and many other high-profile investors have been talking up the prospects for investments in agriculture for the past 20 years.

It’s easy to see why.

The United Nations estimates that, by 2050, we will need to feed an additional 1.82 billion people on the planet, a 23% rise from the current global population.

Throw in worsening soil and water degradation (and water shortages), rising global demand for animal protein from the emerging economies, increased urbanization in developing countries leading to agricultural labor shortages as workers move to the cities, and the investment case is obvious.

The big question we humans face is: how will we be able to significantly boost global food production to feed billions more people, all while limiting pressures on our natural environment?

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The post Deere and the New Age of Agriculture originally appeared at Investors Alley.