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Hand Curated Investment News For The Time-Crunched Investor

You know the saying…

 “Spend your time wisely, it’s the most valuable asset you have”!

Well that’s exactly what we help you do.  We fish through the sea of investment news to find and deliver to you some of the most important and valuable investment news articles available.   

We save you the valuable time of surfing the web to collect this news for yourself.  It’s that simple!  Instead of spending hours searching and sifting through article after article, we offer a quality resource for timely investment articles that could impact your investment decisions today!

We Gather Articles From All Over!

Instead of finding the top 5 articles some of the big name, four-letter word investment websites push to you, we deliver to an independent collection of articles from a wide variety of resources.  You can read as much or as little as you want.  You pick, you choose – it’s not those same 5 stories you’re being told to read- with who knows what motive!

Who Are We?

If we do say so ourselves, we’re some of the brightest minds in the finance industry with decades of experience trading and investing in stocks, bonds, options, forex, crypto currencies, mutual funds, index funds, etc, etc… you get the picture.  We’ve been there and done it professionally managing money, running trading services, publishing financial newsletters for other companies.  

But now we’re doing it on our own…

We’re investing our time into pulling articles that we feel matter, more than those big mega-finance websites offer on their landing page.  OR – the latest trick is they charge you for access to their PRO articles.  But you have to question the motives of those bigtime celebrity investment commentators writing up these various stocks, crypto plays, etc… and really how independent and “clean” are those articles you end up paying to read?

We can promise you we won’t be “front-running” any stocks recommended in our newsletter, or any various offers you may see from our partners from time to time… we have ethics we take seriously.  And if we do own or trade a specific stock we’ll let you know about it when an article is released.

We’re NOT Registered Investment Advisors, Stock Brokers, Money Managers, Trading Platform Owners, or Hedge Fund managers.  We’re just here to provide the most interesting news… today!  


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Best Regards

Karl Stevenson