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About Investing News Today

Savvy individual investors want real, independent investment news articles… and we’re here to deliver just that.   

The truth is, if you’re getting your news from the mega media websites with “parent company” stock, they are financially in control of finance gurus and celebrities and their expressed views.  So what you’re most likely getting are articles that a select few want you to see.  They are in control to drive the narrative and focus your attention right where they want it.  

And to what end? Who knows!  But we know you’re seeing just a handful of the “top” news stories they deem to be most important.  And what could be life changing investment news you can really use, it’s being buried and/or missing from these sites.

We’re here to change all that…

Investing News Today staff are here to deliver a free daily e-letter devoted to one thing– helping time-crunched investors save time and deliver hand curated investment articles that could offer life changing investment insight.

Whether you’re looking to speculate and generate huge returns, find companies you can buy and hold forever, or get today’s news on fresh and unique companies, we’ll deliver these independent news articles directly to your inbox.

Investing News Today is based in Scottsdale, Arizona and is led by financial industry expert Karl Stevenson.

With decades of trading experience in stocks, options, REITs, currency, and crypto, Karl makes sure all the news you’re getting from our site is independent and truly today’s news.  This is something that many mega finance websites fail to do!

And unlike a lot of other “newsletters” out there, we’re 100% unbiased.

That means we don’t run a private equity fund, trading platform or hedge fund.  We don’t own a brokerage firm and certainly aren’t “front running” any stocks in the news we send your way.