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5 Interesting Ways To Invest In The Metaverse

When Spanish conquistador Francisco Coronado first stumbled into the southern Great Plains of the United States in 1541, he described it as a great and endless sea of grass, without a single landmark in sight. In many ways, the swaths of investable, but empty, land in the metaverse is kind of the same situation, depending on where you’re buying. Endless nothing as far as the eye can see is a great place for dreaming of what can be, but it’s really the most basic unit of virtual real estate investment.

Many metaverse real estate investors want to go beyond a simple land purchase and create something truly worthy of investment. What that is will depend on the investor’s goals and the land in question, but knowing what you want to create long before you create it can also help inform the parcel of land that makes the most sense for your long-term outlook. Your possibilities are endless, but there are some interesting options that investors are considering now…

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