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In The New Year, Go From Worrier To Warrior

Trading volume slows down during the holidays. For many investors, this festive time of year represents a much-needed reprieve from the financial markets.

In recent days, at our family’s holiday gatherings, financial anxiety was (again) on the menu. My elderly parents expressed their persistent concern that they’d outlive their savings. My folks actually lived through the Great Depression and they’re having painful flashbacks.

When it comes to money, I try to turn these two worriers into warriors. I reminded mom and dad that they had a sensible strategy in place, with the proper portfolio allocation, and they should just stick to their plan. Their current allocation, geared for stability in full retirement, is depicted in a chart inside.

Do you, too, suffer from retirement-a-phobia? It’s a common malady. I’ll show you basic steps to help conquer it…

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