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10 High-Performance Stocks To Buy For Their Special Dividends

All 10 of these stocks paid special dividends in 2021

From time to time, I like to revisit columns I’ve written in the distant past. Back in May 2016, I wrote about four dividend stocks that were extra-special because they paid special dividends. 

If you’re a dividend investor, you probably feel the special dividend is like if you won a big jackpot at a casino slot machine. The income is totally unexpected, but appreciated nonetheless. Here’s what I had to say about special dividends in the past:

“In my opinion, special dividends are one of the best examples of efficient capital allocation because it shows me that management understands the ebb and flow of its own cash flows and is more than willing to reward shareholders when the coffers are flush and to hold back when they’re not.”

Anyway, in an ode to the past, I’m now recommending 10 more high-performance stocks that paid out a special dividend in 2021. Long-term, I’m confident the returns will be there for these names: 

Check them out here

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